Company Profile

GoodSalt is the world's leading source of religious imagery with the largest collection of Christian themed illustrations anywhere, representing hundreds of artists from around the world. Our images have become an indispensable resource for publishers, ministries, churches, and individuals looking to license premium Christian and religous themed art. We feature thousands of retro and period paintings, contemporary and editorial art, as well as a unparallelled collection of high resolution Bible themed illustrations.

GoodSalt also offers value added products such as art prints and evangelistic banners available from most of the thousands of paintings in the GoodSalt collection. Founded by illustrators Lars and Kim Justinen in 2000 this popular site continues to draw talented artists worldwide who showcase their work here. 

Our design and administration offices are located in a newly renovated 12,000 square foot heritage building located in historic downtown:

110 12 Avenue South, Nampa, Idaho 83651 | 800 805-8001

Director, co-partner - Lars Justinen

Licensing & Operations - Tobin Rogers

Finance - Candace Johnston

IT & Web Development - Dave Stone

Imaging Technologies - David Tinnon

Creative Services, co-partner - Kim Justinen

Print Production - Marcie Flatt

Artists Relations - Steve Creitz


Member of PACA, the Digital Media Licensing Association. 

Picture Archive Councel of America


Mission Statement 

Our mission is to make available the very best artwork and photography possible from the artists we represent, modeling our efforts after the proverb "Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with all thy might." Ecclesiastes 9:10 


We believe in the power of imagery. Jesus used visual aids in His ministry. "Bring me a denarius coin", He said, and then asked the people, "What do you see?" Our mandate from GoodSalt's very beginning has been to provide the kind of products and services we ourselves would want - high quality religious art befitting its sacred subject matter, and made affordable to license through our site.

Simultaneously, we are stewards of the art our artists entrust us with and guard carefully the interests and intellectual property of these talented people.

So whether assisting a new young artist or serving the needs of a large publishing company, our standard is to treat all in a fair, transparent, and Christ-like manner.

"So God created man in His own image." Genesis 1:27 Like our God, we find joyful satisfaction in the creative process, which can be, in many ways, a spiritual experience. “In the beginning, God created....”