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This "free" image is to be used only for non-commercial single-location projection use in its current form and 72dpi resolution, or for personal computer desktop background/screen savers. It is not to be modified or used for products, broadcast use, or printing on a physical substance (paper, vinyl, canvas) of any kind. It is not to be re-distributed or posted on any website at any time. Contact GoodSalt for licensing options for these and hundreds of other uses.

GoodSalt provides Christian PowerPoint backgrounds for church projection as well as church bulletins. GoodSalt licenses religious art and photography for churches, publishers, and product developers worldwide. If you are interested in our images for any use and you're not sure how much it will cost, you can use the new licensing calculator by clicking the 'Price Image' link under any searchable image, or contact us during regular GoodSalt business hours (9am-5pm MST, M-F).