Question: What is a lightbox?

A light box is a term that goes back to the old days when art was stored on transparencies (slides). In order to see the images with a loop (a small magnifying glass), a glass topped box that had built-in lighting inside was used where the slides were put on top and often sorted and segregated when trying to pick just the right slide. This box is called a lightbox and the term has grown to mean a place online where you can put images in a place while deciding which you want to license.

For example, a designer might be designing a book about the Holy Spirit. As she looks through the dozens of images she thinks might work for the cover, she can put them in a lightbox she names “Holy Spirit Book”. She might narrow her search down to 6 images and then email the list to her editor for him to give her some feedback. 


Question: We have numerous churches within our district/conference. Can we license a projection use and distribute that image to each church?

A standard projection license allows use by a single individual/organization. Images may not be re-distributed. We can create a custom license that would give you permission for re-distribution. Please contact us for a quote.


Question: I'm a pastor and I preach on a regular basis at multiple churches, including my home church. Do I need to purchase multiple licenses of the same image?

Our new license terms allow you as an individual to license a projection image and use it at multiple locations. You are limited to storing/using the image on up to two computers at any one time. If the church is licensing the image, then the church owns it. Because you are the pastor of that church, you may use it at different locations. If you personally licensed it, you may allow your home church to use the image on a second computer. You may not distribute or allow any third party/computer to use the image.


Question: While pastoring at a church I licensed an image on behalf of that church. I've been reassigned to a new church and would like to use this image at the new church. Am I allowed to do so?

Each license allows one organization use of the image. To use the image at the new church, you will have to make sure the old church is no longer using it. You should have them delete any digital versions of the image that may be saved on either of the two allotted computers. If they would like to continue using the image, they must purchase a new license. If the old church originally licenses an image, then either yourself or your new church will need to purchase a new license. By you personally licensing the image, you are allowed to let your current home church use the image on their computer (considering that as your second computer).


Question: Our church has multiple campuses.  Can we purchase a single projection license to use at all locations?

The new projection license terms permit you to store/use the image on up to two computers.  This enables you to use the image at two different campuses.  If you have additional computers that the image would be stored on, you can purchase additional licenses for that image.  You have the option during the checkout process to select a quantity.  If you are purchasing for use on four computers in your organization, select a quantity of two.  Please remember that a license extends only to the one organization or individual.  


For all other questions please use our contact form. We'll be happy to help you!