Goodsalt News

September, 2013: This month GoodSalt became a member of PACA, the Digital Media Licensing Association, joining other major intellectual property licensors such as Getty Images(tm) and National Geographic Stock(tm). As a member, GoodSalt will have access to the educational and advocacy resources of this progressive association which will further enchance the professional service we offer our artists and licensees. 

Picture Archive Councel of America

 July, 2013: GoodSalt has added several new artists this year to our ever growing organization of internationally recognized artists such as Kevin Carden and Phil McKay. We are grateful for the special relationships we have with both our artists and our licensees that allow GoodSalt to be a conduit of blessing between the two. 

 December, 2012: GoodSalt recorded their best year to date in licensing and product sales, with web traffic and revenue growth over 25% per annum. In terms of popularity and web ranking, GoodSalt now ranks #1 in all major search engines for our service and products, with keywords like "license Christian art" resulting in 1st item/1st page placement. 

July, 2012: GoodSalt is now offering framed and unframed prints via their website through three different collecitons: searched for images (and image will now link to a print and frame service), the collection (the only source for 100 new GoodSoil images) and the GoodSalt collection gallery, paintings especially sellected by our staff as premium images for individuals, churches, and ministries. 

December 17, 2010: officially launched their new website design with an updated look and easier usability. The intent of the new design is help users better understand and find GoodSalt's products and services. GoodSalt is the world's leading source of religious images and seeks to reach more and more people with inspiring imagery.

The homepage now contains a large search box in the revamped header making it easy to start searching for religious images immediately and from any page on the site. The classic three-image slideshow featuring selected works by various artists is now completely developed in Javascript making the homepage load in a fraction of the time compared to the old site design which used Adobe Flash. A similar three-image featured item section now easily shows off products and services currently available. The new universal footer contains all the information you should need in a clean and easy to read format to easily navigate throughout the site from any page you visit. And lastly, a new news bar at the bottom of the footer shows news the company likes to share including new product and service launches, conference attendances, new artists or images, or simply news about the company.


July 5, 2010: GoodSalt attended the first of several new national church convensions and tradeshows planned. Shown are staff and family at the Atlanta Convention Center for the Adventist's 59th International Conference. GoodSalt released a new set of products to an enthusiastic reception.


January 1, 2009: Tobin Rogers has joined GoodSalt as our Operations Director. Specific responsibilities will involve licensing and product development. Tobin has a knowledgeable background in commercial photography (graduate of the Brooks Institute of Photography, Santa Barbara, Ca).

November 22, 2009: Stacie Belmonte joins GoodSalt to assist with our new keyword management features.

October 1, 2009: The new GoodSalt website is opening its doors for selected customers.